Dr. Bob Gilgor

Why Bob?

Bob Gilgor is my Nate's, my partner's, grandfather. He is an award winning Photographer, and an amazing person. He was a dermatologist who helped people in the community, of Chapel Hill, for years. When he retired he took an Ansel Adams Class on photography, he loved it. He was a natural. Nate and Bob are very close, he is a devoted and loving grandfather. He would take Nate with him on his photography trips to help and to learn photography. 

Unfortunately, Bob Gilgor suffers from severe Dementia. This is our way of honoring his life's work in a way that he would really appreciate. Bob's wife, and Nate's Grandma, is still around and really love's Bob's photography. She was excited when we told her about our idea! We are excited to honor Bob whilst doing something that we love.